The Big Bang

This is the first time in ages since I had time to write something about my daily rumblings and share-able junk. Not really the first time writing from a blog, but I don't have a habit of backing up previous ones and restoring them every now and then. Or let's just say I was too careless and all those data went away. Gone.

It's quite amusing to think as well that whenever I renew my blog, I have a specific language (or framework) that I use to write softwares of different kinds. There goes Perl, C#, Python, JS (Node.JS), and now, Erlang.

I can still remember posting a blog post about scraping contact info from your facebook friends last 2012. It (moderately) exploded and made my blog pretty popular for the malicious public. I still have the script. And looking at it now makes me hate myself for using 8-spaced tabs in Python.

I also wish to write about Astrophysics. I have been so fascinated and deeply passionate about this branch of science lately. But sadly I do not have enough time and capacity to comprehend the complex mathematical model of the universe, so instead, I'll just be scattering keywords and phrases randomly. I actually started it with the title. Not just simply stating that this is sort of the big bang which started the universe (blog?). It's a metaphor on one of the theories regarding the lifecycle of the universe: it expands on itself, and one day, the expansion will reverse and we will collapse into a singularity, The Big Crunch, and then going over the big bang again.

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