Manually Bypassing Anti Ad Blockers

I was browsing reddit on my free time, I stumbled upon a Business Insider article with a decent amount of upvotes in /r/programming, so it thought it must be a decent article to read. Then this happened:

Now, this is not nice. I do understand that this is their website, and they have every right to do this. I just find it personally irritating to see websites do things like this. Normally the best response is to just ignore it and move on as they don't deserve the impressions, but if you want to read the article that badly, here's how you remove that modal manually.

Now before we proceed, it's important to understand what we'll about to do. Basically, when the website scripts detected we're running Adblock, they generated the modal and put it on top of the content. This means, we can reverse those changes and put the website state back to normal.

Developer Tools

This actually is quite easy. We will do this in Chrome, but I believe Firefox has this feature as well. Just fire up Developer Tools, or right click outside the modal and click Inspect.

Right-clicking will make it easier to find the elements we are looking to remove.

Now our targets is these two divs. The one that was highlighted, and the one below it. Simply delete those two, and we're good.

Except you still can't scroll, can you?

That was expected. Now when they decided to give you the Please turn that off, or give us money modal, they do not want you scrolling off from that modal as well. Again, it should be simple in our current case.

While still on the developer tools panel, find the <body> element, and click it.

Now on the right pane, you should be able to see the CSS properties of that element. In this case, we're looking for the overflow property, which pertains to the scrollbars. Usually, programmatically disabling scrolling is just setting the overflow property to hidden, and that's what we will disable in our next step. Simply untick it from the pane.

Now, close the developer tools panel, and enjoy your article.

Will this work on other websites?

Well that depends. It should work most of the time, and you just need to do trial-and-error on deleting the modal elements.

In cases that this won't work, is when the website redirects you to a paywall page, or if instead of showing a modal, their script will delete the content and replace it with a message.

General advice is to flag these websites, and don't visit them again.

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